It’s Not About Beating His Own Drum For Caleb


Caleb Perry has only been attending Energizer Church for about four weeks, but already he has caught the culture and fits right in. Caleb has an intense love of jazz, needs at least three coffees a morning to be a functioning human, and really just enjoys a good time. When he’s not studying, or delivering pizzas, he’s usually practising drums, and that’s one of the reasons why Caleb is vital! Since he arrived at Energizer Church, Caleb has put himself forward and has started serving God on the Creative Team. As well as being incredibly talented, Caleb has a heart for serving God and his people, and that’s reflected in his everyday life.

As Caleb is new to our Church, he’s a fresh face on the Creative Team. Every Wednesday, Caleb turns up to band practice regardless of being rostered on for that week. His talent on the drums led him to be an important part of the Creative Team, and giving others on the hardworking team a chance to take a break, and potentially serve God in other areas of Church. He is such a positive person to have around, and more than happy to sit down and have a coffee and a chat to any one.

It’s certainly not just about a love of music for Caleb though; ‘[with my role at church] I am able to utilise my talents and lead people into giving worship and glory to God’. Caleb fully recognises the importance of his role and how he can use it to connect people with God.

Serving has definite benefits for God’s Kingdom, but also in Caleb’s everyday life, ‘It allows me to use my passion for music and drumming. It has taught me to always stay humble, and to realise that I am on stage to lead people into the presence of God and not to boost my own ego. He is the one who entrusted me with this talent and so I will give him all the honour and praise for what he has given me!’

‘If you’re wanting to serve, my advice would be to first off make sure you are wanting to get involved for the right reasons, as you are serving God and not yourself,’ Caleb says. ‘Figure out what gifts God has given you and find a way to utilise them for his Kingdom.’ Caleb believes that serving God is a vital part of his experience as a Christian, and he has sought out God, asking Him what He wants to do with Caleb’s specific talents.

At Energizer Church, we believe that everyone is vital and want to see each and every person empowered to contribute to the kingdom in a way that gets them excited. Chat to a connector on Sunday to help find your fit!

By Leeya Maingay


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