Energizer Creative News


Hey Church,

Just keeping you up-to-date with a few exciting things happening in creative ministries…Get amongst it!

We are super stoked about Team Night tonight – we’re calling this one ‘Room To Move’. These nights are for our whole combined creative team slash anyone who’s interested in using creative ways to build the church. So, whether you’re a musician, photographer, web designer, vocalist, film-maker, writer, audio engineer, video editor, dancer, artist or anything else remotely creative, we would love to see you there.

We want to look at creating space in our lives to enable God to work in us and through us and to enable our creative gifts to be fully realised and utilised for the Kingdom. When we approach our God-given creativity, we do so as those who reflect God’s image. How can we reflect Him if we don’t take time to get to know Him? Come along tonight as we begin a new chapter in Creative Ministries!

Energizer Church // 8 Petchey St Bellerive // Jun 24 // 6:15PM

We also wanted to let you all know that you are most welcome to join us for JAM NIGHT coming up on Monday the 13th July. These nights are all about having some FUN, while learning new songs, and getting the chance to try out original songs.

They are a fantastic opportunity for the young people who want to get involved in the band, to have a platform where they can practice with no pressure, and also receive some great mentoring from our more advanced musicians and singers.

We want to see all musicians and singers developing their gifts and using them in God’s house. We would love the whole team to be supporting and encouraging each other in developing our gifts!

Energizer Church // 8 Petchey St Bellerive // Jul 13 // 6:00PM

Our team loves serving the youth ministry at Energizer Church and we are excited to get involved in leading worship at the Ignite Youth Camp coming up in a few weeks. Youth Camps are always a fantastic opportunity for young people to build their relationship with God and with each other get excited about the future that God has for them. We are privileged to lead the next generation in powerful worship – we want to see the next generation of worshippers rise up and begin to use their gifts in the local church.

We will be working with Jemimah to gather the band for Ignite Camp so please let us know if you are willing and able to be part of this event. There will be two sessions: Friday night 17th July and Saturday night 18th July.

Camp Orana // 146 Roches Beach Rd, Roches Beach // Jul 17/18

So this one we are pretty excited about!

We are very privileged to have an exclusive training session & lunch with Rudy Nikkerud from Planetshakers. On Saturday the 18th July (same Saturday as youth camp) we will be gathering as a creative team at Lance & Rachel Cooper’s house for some lunch and to hear from Rudy.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. We would love to see every single team member there, no matter what area you serve in. Or even if you’re still finding your fit, come along!

We’re sure you’ll be inspired by what Rudy will share with us.

Lance & Rachel’s // 85 Bayview Rd, Lauderdale // Jul 18 // 12:30pm

Love you all! See you tonight 🙂

Josh and Katie Swift


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