The Key: Part 2


You sit in the palm of my hand, still, silver, small…lifeless, yet able to unlock,
to open up something that may be incredible,
something of untold potential.

What good is a lock without a key?
What good is a key without a lock, with no place to fit?
Where do you fit?
Should I keep you safe, protect you,
not knowing if I’ll ever use you.
Or is better to discard, and avoid the not knowing.
Discard, and despair on the future day
When I find the lock,
But no longer have the key?

Our lives hold many temptations
To hide ourselves away, like a hidden key,
Unaware that all around us are prisoners
And we can be the ones
To set them free.

As we’re swept into relationship, our connection
Is the key.
We are the ones flicking the tumblers
Down, opening the door to hope,
Or a life not dreamt or imagined before.

Hold fast you your potential
Don’t lock yourself away
Live life like a key
Though you might not find the lock today.
You carry the potential
To open up and change lives of those around you.
You are the key.

Words by Dan Pastoor


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