A Line in the Sand

Always amazing to hear from our favourite office manager, a woman of many talents! Thanks Fi!



Three years ago was my last trip to Colour Conference. I heard very clearly from God on that trip and I came home with a word on my heart. Resolve.

Two meanings to the word ‘resolve’ are “to decide firmly on a course of action” and “firm determination to do something”.

For me, I took it away and wanted so badly to apply that to my following of Jesus. And I did. I drew a line in the sand and resolved to follow Jesus passionately, well and with determination. I could do that.

However, after a while, my line started to fade and the word resolve started to hold less and less meaning as it did when it was fresh.

I became busy. Doing a lot of things, juggling lots of balls in the air as they say. I look back now and have no idea how I did it…

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