Pop-Up Church Project Will Change the Way You Think About Church

If you’ve been around Energizer Church even a little bit this summer, you will have heard a new phrase being thrown around: “Pop-Up Church”. Pop-up bars, cafés, theatres, markets and shops have been around for a little while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen the church testing the waters of pop-up spaces. It’s exciting; we know, because we recently caught up with the service pastor for Energizer Church’s pop-up project to find out exactly what the deal is!

Why PopUp Church? How is it different to regular church?
January is one of my favourite months in Hobart; people are out and about and there are so many wonderful events to go to and so much good food and music. Hobart’s vibrant culture is alive and kicking and we see the Church as a core part of our culture here in Hobart, so we want to get amongst that! January is the month people often want to go out and about and see and try new things; we want to encourage people to step out and come to church with a difference… A PopUp church service!

It will be different for many reasons; we are collaborating with some of Tassie’s best musicians, artists and food vans to help make the nights a blast for anyone who wants to come and connect at one of the three Saturday nights of our Pop Up church.

2. Who is PopUp Church for?
It’s for everyone! But especially, those people who are not afraid to try something different and break some new ground. It’s for people who really have a heart for this incredible city of ours. Pop-Up Church is all about in a setting that is welcoming, vibrant and relevant for all.

3. What are you most excited about with Pop Up Church?
This might sound interesting… But I’m most excited about just being there! Standing amongst all those great people, listening to local musicians, soaking in the surroundings, enjoying people’s company and fine food; just soaking it all in.

4. What does Pop Up Church mean for Hobart?
It’s an opportunity: an opportunity to attend an event where people can come and see what the church of Hobart is all about and to make it their own.
Our team really hopes Hobart will take this opportunity over the month of January to come out and see what it’s all about.

5. What can people expect to see at Pop Up Church?
People can expect to see an exciting event which will breathe life into the relevance, impact, hope and joy being a Christian and part of the church can be.
Expect to see something that will lead you into 2016 with a new spring in your step; each night will be dynamic and will feature some top class communicators. If you don’t want your thinking challenged, this event is not for you!

6. When and where?
January 16th, 23rd and 30th at Macquarie wharf. Head down at around 6pm to make the most of the food and music!
Keep your eyes out for posters popping up around our city and for new information to be released on social media; check out Energizer Church on Facebook and Instagram!
And keep your ears open, because people will be talking about this!

Article by Jen Grubb


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