Pop Up Church – Round 2!

Hi everyone,

Our first Pop Up Church was a great night, with lots of new people and meaningful connections with individuals and families and a handful of people making decisions to follow Christ.

These events are great to bring someone who has never been to a church service too as they are full of ways to attract attention; food vans, live music, a cool decked-out shed + much more! So let me encourage you with a story about the power of the invite!

A young man name Dwayne was invited; he had never been to church, but got involved boots all when he arrived at 4pm. On the night he had a blast and then responded to an invite to ask Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour! Dwayne was then at church at both our services on Sunday and even experienced God heal some pain in his leg at our morning service on Sunday.

My encouragement leads to a question: WHO can YOU INVITE? Last week it was Dwayne and this week, I know if you invite people who are disconnected or distant from God that, like Dwayne, this may be exactly the setting they need to find themselves in a placeto respond to the invitation to ask Jesus to be Lord and Saviour.

God Bless!
Be encouraged and can’t wait to see you Saturday!

Dan Pastoor,
Service Pastor, Pop Up Church


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