A Note From Dave: Sunday April 10

Hi all,

Last Sunday John spoke to us about dreams.

God speaks to us through dreams; Joseph in many ways would have been considered a day dreamer. It’s well known that his lack of wisdom and discernment in sharing his dreams landed him in serious trouble and even after his dreams appeared to be dead in the water, they were still realised.

So, what is the difference between Joseph and perhaps your average day dreamer?

The first thing is that Joseph let God into his dreams. If we make God the senior partner of dreams, we then become outlets for God dreams.
Even through his disappointment, Joseph still allowed God to speak into his dreams. It’s imperative that we keep our hearts sweet, because our hearts becomes the filters through which we hear God’s voice.

The second thing is that Joseph remained obedient; he wasn’t sidetracked by selfish opportunity or dire circumstance and, when he was given the opportunity to speak, he was obedient in speaking truth.

Abraham the father of faith realised the dream of being the father to nations through his obedience. Obedience not only blesses you, but others are blessed through you!

The enemy wants to rob and stifle our dreams. As we envision ourselves going to make a serious difference in our city and beyond, we must let God into our dreams and remain obedient, despite and in spite of whatever circumstance or season we find ourselves in.

As a church and as individuals, there are great days ahead.

Let’s dream big God dreams and, like Abraham, be obedient and GO to the places God is calling us.

We’re in for fantastic services this Sunday!

See you in church,
Ps. Dave


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