A God Story: Chris

This story began toward the end of March this year, when I reached a very low point in my life. My business ventures were moving agonisingly slowly; I had little passion and, above all, I felt completely disconnected from the world.

I saw others in my life with immense enthusiasm and flourishing relationships, so I asked the Universe to present me with the ‘next step’, so that I could begin to experience more connection and fulfilment. Even though I was feeling low at the time, I truly believed that there was something much better for me around the corner; all I had to do to get started was ASK!

One Friday night shift at the hotel where I was working, I served a family named the McDermotts. They were incredibly happy, and I was really enjoying the time going back and forth from their table. Damon, the father, eventually asked me what I wanted to do outside of my bar job, and I mentioned to him my intentions for creating a coaching and public speaking business. Without hesitation, he asked me to email him with some information so that he could put me in touch with a friend of his.

About a week later I heard back from Damon, who’d organised a meeting with his close friend, Grant. Grant also happened to be a successful coach who was doing a lot of what I wanted to do, and from what I could see, he was an ideal person to ask for help. I saw that Grant was a great speaker and coach, but I never would have expected what came of the meeting…

I met with Grant and after an hour’s conversation, I was in tears. The tears were because this man challenged me in a way that I’d never been challenged before, and spoke truth to me that I’ll never forget. Grant dug very deep and I couldn’t be more grateful for that special meeting. As we left, he invited me to Energizer Church, and I knew straight away that this invitation was one of the ‘next steps’ that I’d been asking for.

Even though the fear and limiting beliefs began to arise, I made the decision to leave my past judgements of Christianity behind and commit to opening my life to new possibilities. Within the first two weeks of going to Energizer Church, I began to notice a few shifts taking place in my life. These shifts were amplified when I started to really let go of old fears, and immerse myself in the Bible and conversation with God.

I kept focusing on asking God for the ‘next step’, and, at the end of May, the opportunity came for me to be baptised at Energizer Church. This was a special moment, because I felt that my decision was official and the old me was to be left behind for good! I continued to read the Bible, I prayed, and every week I felt myself connecting more and more with God and the people around me.

Shortly after my baptism, I attended a networking event with StartUp Tasmania, and met with a wonderful lady with whom my new coaching concept resonated. I’d been asking God for the next step in my business, and the initial conversation with Clare has since led to the growth of a partnership and interactive workshop for young athletes with StartUp Tasmania at the end of July. The fire’s beginning to burn again, and the momentum is really starting to build!

What I was missing in my life was connection, and after only fifteen weeks on the journey with Christianity, I feel the most connected I’ve been in about fifteen years, both internally and externally. If you feel that something is missing in your life, know that God will provide if you just ASK and build your faith strong enough to let the path unfold as it should. When in doubt, just ask for the ‘next step’…you never know where God will lead you.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”
Proverbs 3:6

– Chris Ogle


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