A Note From Dave

One of my favourite passages of the Bible is found in Ezekiel 47, where the prophet saw a vision of a small stream that became first a creek and then a river. Wherever that river flowed, there was life and vitality, even as it made its way east, through the desert, eventually bringing life to the once lifeless dead sea.

Life will flourish wherever this water flows. Fishermen will stand along the shores of the Dead Sea. All the way from En-gedi to En-eglaim, the shores will be covered with nets drying in the sun. Fish of every kind will fill the Dead Sea, just as they fill the Mediterranean. But the marshes and swamps will not be purified; they will still be salty. Ezekiel 47:9-11 (NLT)

Marshes remain salty because only a small amount water flows in, but is unable to flow through and flush out impurities, hence the swamp remains toxic. Therefore, the best way to deal with a swamp is not to try and remove all the impurities and toxins, but to introduce adequate fresh water and provide a path for it to drain away. As the fresh, clean water flows through, toxins, salt and sludge are washed away, making way for life to return.

Purity is not so much about living to certain standards and ideals; it is more about living in such a way that impurity is flushed out of our lives by the life-giving spirit of God. That flow is increased as we allow that spirit to flow through us, removing contamination and bringing life to those around us.

This Sunday we’re going to look at what purity really is; what are the benefits of purity and how do we find it?
See you in Church!

Remember, pre-service prayer before all services: let’s make it a priority!

Ps. Dave


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