A Note from Ps Dave – 7th July

IMG_7390Hi all,

I’ve been having a very encouraging and refreshing time at Hillsong Conference. This morning Jentzen Franklin brought a fantastic message entitled “The Seventh Hand”.

“These are the measurements of the altar in cubits (the cubit is one cubit and a handbreadth): the base one cubit high and one cubit wide, with a rim all around its edge of one span. This is the height of the altar:”
Ezekiel 43:13 NKJV

A cubit was six handbreadths. A cubit is the distance from your middle finger to the inside of your elbow (your forearm). For most people that will be six handbreadths, six times the width of your hand with your thumb tucked in.

God was showing that the temple would be built to a new measure. Throughout the Bible six is the number of man and seven is the number of God.

What God was showing was that He wanted to add His hand or His spirit and His power to our effort. As we work and do what we can, it will never be all it can be without the hand of God on it.

I believe that’s something God is showing us at the moment.
Breakthrough is not simply about working harder; it’s about doing all we can, being faithful with our part, or our sixth if you like.
Breakthrough happens when God places His hand on our work and our faithfulness.

As we approach another amazing opportunity this Sunday, let’s continue to ask for the hand of God or His spirit on our efforts. As we do what we can, He does what we can’t!
Let’s make room and seek the seventh hand on our efforts.

See you in church!

Ps Dave


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