Energizer Youth on a Hero’s Journey

The next generation of our church are very excited to see where we can take the church in the future. We are being inspired by the generations above and we are getting ready to bring celebrating and learning about Jesus to a whole new level. We are already starting by doing what we can to influence the people around us and bring them to Christ. We are all currently getting involved more and more within the church; lots of the youth are volunteering in various parts of the church and doing what they can to help make the church an even better place to be each and every week. We believe our time is now. As a youth team, we are learning about ‘the heroes journey’; we are learning about what Jesus did and how we can be more and more like him outside of church and how we can influence others to do so. Fifteen year old Energizer Youth, Danica Ellis says “school, dancing and work give me a chance to be able to talk to my friends and tell them my testimony and how God has impacted my life so much, it changed me for the better. If I didn’t give my life to Jesus, I wouldn’t be the same person in front of them.” She also explains that ”I can impact my friends, people at work or people I just met around my age, because I find it easiest to connect with this group of people.” This is something that’s very hard to do for most people, but as a youth ministry, we are all working towards being comfortable talking to anyone about Jesus and inviting people to church. We have been encouraged to read our bibles a lot more and Danica said one of her favourite verses is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” “It reminds me that God is always with me and that he gives me the strength to complete all of his tasks.” We have all learnt how to read the bible and get something we need to hear from it; it’s not always easy, but if we ask God for help, klhe will reveal himself. This is how the heroes’ journey brings us to connect, empower, serve and send. Youth is held on a Friday night from 7-9 in the church’s main building, our Hobart Campus, and is a great place for people of ages 13-18 to gather and learn about Jesus, and have a great time surrounded with amazing people. Also, if you’re above the age bracket you can become a youth leader and watch the youth grow and help them live a great life in Jesus’ name! Written by Jaymie Mullen, Energizer Youth


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