A Second Mile Spirit


One frustrating tendency we’ve developed as a society is the frantic pace we seem to be expecting ourselves to sustain each and every day.

Just 2 years ago I was given a second chance at life, literally; surviving an ischaemic stroke caused by a bloody clot in the base of my brain stem. At the time, I was allowing myself to work under significant pressure, trying to balance 68 balls in the air, and still keep enough in the tank to bring up my young family, spend time with my wife and live a purpose-filled life….

A life event such as this has the tendency to make you sit up and consider things in quite a different way, and for me, this one was transformational.

It was only later on that I realised this was God’s will and grand plan.

Indulge me for a moment; think of a time in your life when you feel like you’ve lost control: a moment of high stress, conflict with a co-worker, a bitterly angry partner, relationship breakdown or maybe your own health scare… During these times, our mind has a cruel habit of misplacing its wisdom (when it’s most needed), and the outcome does not fulfill any purpose. This is when God does his best work… often through us, his divine grace and love impact a much wider group of people we’re blissfully unaware are being affected by our experience.

God presents us with challenges, opportunities and ‘moments’ every day – our challenge is to listen with the intent to understand his whispers and encouragement.

Pastor Greg Jones spoke about developing a different spirit on Sunday and, importantly, demonstrated to us all exactly what it looks like to live on the ‘second mile’.

Caleb (Numbers 14:24) demonstrated a different attitude than the others; he remained planted in God’s great vision. He had a different approach because he had a different heart; he didn’t whinge and moan about what he didn’t have; he didn’t focus on what was wrong with the situation. Rather, he made a choice. Caleb used the power we all have every day, the power to choose what we feel like on the inside.

Regardless of what’s going on around you, you always have a choice. Since nearly losing everything, my perspective on life’s choices is very different. I take the opportunity every day to ‘jump out of the box’, and live life with passion, purpose and not to just fall back into the landscape.

God is saying “let me out” Live on the second mile, let his light shine through you, and live every day like it’s a gift – which is exactly what it is!

Written by Nic Stephen


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