Greetings From Brisbane!


Hi everyone,

Alix and I have had a very encouraging week at our ACC National Conference. The National Conference is like the family getting back together.

It just reminds me again how important it is to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves. We have all been adopted into a family, which has a cause and purpose that is so much larger than any of us as individuals.
Together we win, together we’re part of great things God is doing in our Nation, and together as a Church God is using us to influence and shape the culture of our city.

At the opening of the Conference, National President Ps Wayne encouraged us that we are all about people. We influence our City through people; we influence families, schools and work places through people.

Let’s continue to love, reach and value people the way we have been. This Sunday I know the Holy Spirit will move through your kindness and love.

Keep praying for salvation and let’s keep those pre-service prayer meetings strong. They really are making a difference, as we take authority over the atmosphere before our services.

Pray for us as we minister in Brisbane this Sunday.

Miss you all. See you soon!



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