A Note From Dave: Sunday June 7th


Hi everyone,

This week I’ve had to endure quite a bit of pain, all be it self-inflicted (after a bike crash). Pain is a necessary part of life, in fact when we think of the stereotype of leper loosing a hand or a limb, it’s not that it goes bad and falls off; its the constant damage it receives due to the pain sensors not functioning.

When I left hospital last Saturday, Alix asked “How long before he can ride his bike?” thinking that I may be tempted to return too soon. The answer was, “Don’t worry about that, his pain will regulate that.”

Pain is there to keep us from irreparable damage, but if we try to live without pain, we will never grow and we will become limited to the level of our last experience of pain.

Sam Chand says;
“The longer I avoid a problem, the bigger it generally becomes. If I summon courage to endure small amounts of pain and do what’s right early, I avoid larger doses of pain later.

As leaders we have tough weeks, uncomfortable phone calls, tough decisions and constant personal sacrifices. We’re so encouraged by the way you, our Energizer people, keep pushing through those barriers, which means you, the people around you and we as a church will continue to grow.

I know you’re up for the challenges and pain barriers as we continue to see ourselves and function as builders. We’re building lives, we’re building families, we’re building hope, we’re building faith, we’re building the spiritual climate of our City and we’re building generations.

Let’s turn up this Sunday switched on, prayed up and ready to make Jesus famous. I know He wants to work in and through all of us.

See you in Church.



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