Heart and Soul: June 22


We’ve have enjoyed a brilliant first half of 2015 as we‘ve been focusing on doing things different this year. But, the year is not finished, there is still so much to look forward to, so much to get excited for and so much to believe for.

Recently we’ve been in a series called ‘Builders’. We want to delve a little deeper into what it means as Heart & Soul people, to be Kingdom ‘builders’. As we head toward our Kingdom Foundation Sunday in a few weeks, we want to share some exciting vision as to what’s next for Energizer Church and what we are working towards.

THIS IS OUR TIME – we are here to make a difference. Let’s launch into this next season with a new passion for His house. Regardless of our background and experience, God wants to use us as builders. We’re building lives, we’re building families, we’re building hope, we’re building faith, we’re building the spiritual climate of our City and we’re building generations.   Let’s jump in, continue to “Do it different” and continue to build people and we’ll be amazed at what God does in us, for us and through us.

I would love to see you all at Heart & Soul this Monday. Don’t let the cold weather keep you away. We will do our best to heat up the room and have some yummy supper and hot drinks for you to enjoy.   Monday 22nd June 7:30pm – 9:00pm Energizer Church, 8 Petchey Street Bellerive   Can I encourage you to come along if you haven’t yet and see what it is like being part of the Heart & Soul of Energizer Church. We love connecting, inspiring and spurring the team on to what God has in store for the season ahead. There is no better time than now to JUMP IN HEART & SOUL.   Energizer Church needs you! We need your influence and your individuality and your courage!

Can’t wait to see you at Heart & Soul.

Ps Dave


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