The Key: Part 1


Along the path of my life, I found that there were moments that required me to rise above the situation. Sometimes this was a big step, a leap of faith even; other times, it was a small decision or a simple decision to overcome an impending obstacle. Sometimes these obstacles were less like singular hurdles and more like a labyrinth, with each new twist and turn presenting another wall.

Life is like this sometimes, challenging and arbitrary, but I’ve come to see these struggles as a lock. A lock is a useful thing; it has a purpose, but without the key, it is an impenetrable barrier.

Throughout the labyrinth of my life I have been presented with many locked doors. Each was fitted with its own lock, each a different size and shape, each requiring it’s own unique key to progress. Time and again I have come across situations where, in the natural, the locks which sought to hinder me were impervious to my efforts.

What I have found though, is that a lock is a simple mechanism, useful even, when you have one little thing: a key. For me the key has been, is and will always be, the Holy Spirit. Being empowered by the. Holy Spirit has enabled me to succeed in situations that were too much me in my own strengths. Trusting in God’s guidance has been my key.

In fact, God’s grace is more like a bunch of keys. No matter the lock you are currently staring at, wondering how on earth you can move on, God has the right size and shape key to empower you to go forward. All you need to do is ask!

Written by Davide Ferri


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