Postcard from Hillsong Conference – Pastor Dave


Hi everyone,
Alix and I and some of our team have had a brilliant week in Sydney at Hillsong. The theme this year was “Speak We’re Listening”, which was a great theme woven throughout the week; the importance of not just knowing God but recognising and tuning in to His voice.

Last night the message was powerful but incredibly personal to nearly all of the 30,000 people in the arena. Jenzen Franklin talked about Jacob wrestling with God.

We’re probably familiar with the thought that Jacob was not prepared to let go of God until He was blessed. But why did he need to wrestle all night? It wasn’t like God was struggling to over power him. The wrestle was all about Jacob – not God! God doesn’t change, nor does He need to prove Himself.

What God did need to do was get all of Jacob out of Jacob, so much so that He gave him a brand new name, which meant, “He who prevails or presses into God”. The struggle was to come to grips with who he really was and get to a point where he had “Power with God and favour with Man”.

Maybe we need to be more intentional or even aggressive as we press into God for the things that we’re believing for. As we do, He can bless us because we are empty of ourselves and can receive. We have a new name; the one that God has given us, not the one from our past, our disappointments, our hurts or people’s perceptions.

This Sunday let’s press into God like never before, walk in His favour and expect great things!

See you in church,



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