A Note From Dave: Sunday July 12

Hi everyone,
When Nehemiah was seeing great progress with rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, in fact they nearly had the project nailed; there were no more gaps in the wall, all that remained was to hang the gates. The progress drew one last ditched effort from Sanballet and the enemies of Jerusalem. Sanballet hatched a cunning plan to draw Nehemiah down to one of the villages for what appeared to be nice warm peace talks, or even a few days holiday.

Nehemiah discerned that this was a trap and a distraction. I love his response: I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you? (Neh 6:3 NKLV)
It was Nehemiah’s connection to not just a good work, but a truly great work that meant he was able to discern the plot and not become distracted.

Distractions come our way all the time. There are many “Good” things that compete for our attention. When we’re connected to and part of a ‘Truly Great Work’, it’s much easier to see the distractions and pitfalls for what they are!

In the Kingdom we are connected to and part of a really Great work, that will help us to engage and focus in a way that stops distractions and prevents us majoring on minors and maintaining our Kingdom effectiveness.

We’re part of a great work as we build lives, families, a great church and community and ultimately the Kingdom.

Let’s continue to engage the focus factor, because God is doing a great work among us!



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