The Key: Part 4


The Bible tells us that the heart of every human has a door and that outside that door, salvation stands knocking: not a pounding, demanding knock, but a quiet, inquisitive tap.
“Are you listening?”
“Are you open?”
“Are you ready?”

Some hearts are open; they spring their doors wide at the first tap. Others are closed, cold, tightly protecting their inner chambers, indiscriminate of the nature of the intruder.

These locked up hearts have been slammed shut for a reason and often the key has been thrown away, lost.

But the one who stands just outside, gently tap-tapping, is an expert in finding that which has been lost. He finds the keys to those locked-tight hearts in the gutters and garbage of life, in mistakes and regrets. He holds those precious keys I. His scarred and bleeding hands momentarily and then, in an act of momentous trust, he passes them to us. To us is entrusted the opportunity to give those keys, those hearts, a chance to find a place in which they fit.

He chooses the imperfect to demonstrate a path to perfection. He uses those wrapped in natural flesh to make supernatural truth plain; to show those locked up hearts that beyond their barred doors, all hearts are, in essence, the same, because eternity is written on them all.

By Jen Grubb


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