A Note From Dave – Sunday October 18th


Hi everyone,

The Bible is full of dichotomies, like Jesus was at peace in the middle of a storm.
Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. Matthew 8:24 (NLT)

Abraham was the Father of a great Nation yet when the promise was made he had no children. Jesus was calm but always on the move; at peace but lived with purpose and urgency. He was heading towards His destination (Jerusalem), but ministered to people along the way. He addressed the crowd, yet spoke to the one.

As we embrace our one mission, as we take hold of the exciting opportunities that lay ahead of us, we go with excitement, expectation, faith and peace. We’re called to a city and we’re called to the one!

The storm that the disciples endured while Jesus slept in the boat was on the way to the Gadarenes, where Jesus set “Legion”, the man possessed by a legion of demons, free. That one man proclaimed Jesus to his whole region.

There will be miracles, storms and unexpected moments and people along the way. We will be stretched, sometimes scared but we can have and be at peace because Jesus is in our boat and He is leading us and He has the power to heal, set people free and calm the storm.

Our services will be fantastic this week.

Let’s engage with “Our One Mission”.

Ps. Dave


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