A Note From Dave: Sunday November 22nd

Hi everyone,

As we’ve watched and contemplated recent world events, it brings home again a clash of culture and values. It made me think about what it is that defines the Kingdom of God.

Something that is so powerful and has the potential to bring about more change than anything else we can possibly be part of. In many ways, the Kingdom is something that can feel a little intangible. Especially when you describe it to an unbeliever.

One of the most tangible aspects of the Kingdom is the culture of the Kingdom. Jesus was a cultural engineer. It’s not in what we wear, eat, or the style of music we listen to, but the way we think, the way speak and the way we engage with people.

Culture is the most powerful aspect of belonging. When people belong to our church they belong to a culture. It is that culture that helps people connect. As leaders at Energizer we carry and guard a culture that allows people to come and belong.

As we heat up, carry and guard our culture more and more porous will connect and belong and the Kingdom will continue to expand across our city and beyond.
“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power.”
1 Corinthians 4:20 NLT

It’s not just the words we say, but it’s what we carry, what we tolerate and what we don’t.

Looking forward to meeting this Sunday in Hobart and the Derwent Valley. Let’s continue to carry and guard a powerful culture!

Pastor Dave


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