Always There

I’ve been to Energizer Church and seen this guy. He was at the sound desk mixing sound. I’ve seen him usher, put things on stage for others, pack up. I’ve seen him put up signs around the city for different events. I went to the state ACC Conference this year, and he was there service directing. I was at Church Together and he was in charge of security.

A while ago, I was the Impact Conferences at Moorilla and saw this guy help set up and pack up as well as look after other volunteers. I know he was in charge of security at the Youth Alive Events for three years. He has been a youth leader for six years under three different leaders. He served in the Derwent Valley for four years at the Youth Centre, for three days a week.

Brian moved over from Sydney to Hobart fourteen years ago. He joined Energizer Church and stayed, but Brian is no consumer. He contributes. He does what he can, when he can. He is always there at church in Bellerive or doing sound or organising and encouraging others to join teams. He puts in hours and hours of his time into any endeavour the church is undertaking. He does whatever it takes.
He is a volunteer.

I’ve seen Brian be a barista, service manager, a fellow who meets and greets others. He has set up many a room for many events. Brian has set up gear, packed up, and cleaned up. He has helped people moving house, getting rid of rubbish, mowed lawns. He has picked up speakers from the airport, driven others to and from when they needed a lift. He has risen early and stayed up late, serving others by doing anything he can.

I asked him why does he do it? Why give so much time and energy? His answer was simple.
“Jesus gave all He could for me. I’m asked to be a follower of his example. He gave freely. He gave everything for me. I have a calling to serve. I love to support and assist in any way I can.”

This guy has done most of what he has done quietly, secretly and not in the limelight. He leaves that for others.

He went on to say “Its all about the Kingdom. Doing what I can when I can is what we are called to do isn’t it?”

Wow. I know this guy is going to get a “Well done my good and faithful servant,” from the big fella upstairs.
Do you have a heart to do what you can? Why not chat to Brian; he will point you to where you can serve. He also points you to the One who served us all. This guy has the heart of a servant. I know the one he follows said “But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader must be a servant…”

Written by Peter Swift


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