A New Sound at Energizer Church

A good song really is an amazing thing. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being united in song with other people. We are incredibly diverse, with completely unique experiences, opinions, tendencies and beliefs, but somehow, music unites us, stripping away our many differences. Few art forms allow so easily for the transference of meaning and emotion between souls as well as the song.

In The Church, the song is given even more responsibility, acting not only as a unifier of people, but also as a vehicle through which we can engage with God in spirit, mind and body. What an amazing gift God has given us in the song!

For so many of us, at specific times certain songs have helped us express something to God that we might not have been able to articulate otherwise. There are always amazing songs being written across the global church and, often we can find songs that feel really relevant for where we are at as individuals and as a local church in one corner of the world; Energizer Creative’s Songwriting Workshop is about developing our ability as a group of believers to express what God is doing among us – specifically.

We don’t just want new tunes to sing; we want to chronicle in song the journey God has us on, as a church. We want songs that celebrate our victories, embrace our challenges, speak prophetically to our church and our city and create moments of intimacy with God that are truly ours.

The format of the night is not so much about the generation of new ideas, but the shaping and polishing of ideas that our people have already partially formed. As such, each time the night rolls around, we’ll aim to get one to three songs from a basic idea to a fully formed song, ready to go for Sunday!

It’s about what’s in our hands: while we don’t have fancy recording studios or full-time Creative staff, we’ve got some great lyrical and musical minds, a physical space and some time set aside. We want it to be a simple process to get songs from sketches to finished products.

The Process:
If you’ve got a song, or even half a song, here’s how Songwriting Workshop can get it finished and ready to be used on a Sunday:
Send a demo and chart (chords and words) to me on email (simongrubb@gmail.com.
I’ll listen/read it and either send it back to you (and possibly on to someone else) with suggested additions or changes. Once the idea is ready, we’ll take the demo and chart to Songwriting Workshop for full-band arrangement and basic recording.
Finished songs will be checked by senior church leadership and then loaded into the database with recording and charts, ready for use in services!

I’m excited to get going and get some homegrown songs written from the heart of our church into our amazing services. I really believe God can use these songs, as yet unheard, to minister to his people, to reach the lost, to change the world.

“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭96:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

– Simon Grubb
Energizer Creative


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