A Note From Dave: Kingdom Foundation Update

Hi church,

Kingdom Foundation Month has been fantastic at Energizer Church this year; we are so proud of your generosity! Our theme has remained this year: ‘building the church and blessing the community’ and your contribution will go towards doing just that! Local school outreaches, freeing young people from poverty in India, training pastors in Nepal, seeing our vision for a new church home become a reality, creating opportunities for people to encounter God at youth camp and in our new service: all these aspects of our Kingdom Foundation Vision WILL change lives, so once again, thank you!

We’ve seen great momentum in our Kingdom Foundation giving; so far we’ve seen over $35,000.00 donated and it’s not over yet! This Sunday, we conclude the month’s focus, so if you’ve been praying and considering your contribution, this is a great week to get involved in something incredible. We will continue to update you on the progress over the next 12 months.

Remember that together we can be part of a miracle, together we can achieve so much more than we could do on our own! It’s never about the amount; it’s about the heart. It is about being part of something bigger than ourselves – it is LOVE in ACTION. It’s about leaning in and seeing what God will do as we step out in faith. What part will you play? We encourage you to be part of this great Kingdom Foundation vision.

We are believing for far greater things ahead than anything we have seen before; we invite you to activate your faith and join us as we work to bring God’s Kingdom to our world!

See you in church,

Ps. Dave


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