A Note From Dave: Sunday July 31

Hi all,

In engaging the power of the big ask, asking God for what we want and not being intimidated by the perception that our question is a “stupid one”, there will be noises, voices and thoughts that we may need to shut out.

“When they arrived at the house, Jesus wouldn’t let anyone go in with him except Peter, John, James, and the little girl’s father and mother.”
Luke 8:51(NLT)

When Jesus arrived at the house, he was confronted by the sound of mourners and even ridicule. Some said “you’re too late, as if you can do anything now”, because mourning proclaims and builds an atmosphere of pain and death.

While there is a time for mourning, it’s important that we don’t allow an atmosphere of death and ridicule to lock us out of the miracles that God wants to pour out in our world. Jesus wisely took only those who would believe with him into the room; when the girl was raised they came back to crowd.

There will be moments, times and even whole seasons during whichwe need to lock out certain voices, ways of thinking and atmospheres, if we want to move to a season of miracles.

Let’s be the Peter, James and John-type people, who will stand in faith with others as we walk into a season of miracles and multiplication!

Keep being a thermostat as we set an atmosphere of faith across our Church family and as we meet on Sunday.

Keep making pre-service prayer a priority and believing for miracles and salvation.

See you soon,
Ps. Dave


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